Electric vehicles are more and more popular even in the U.S., as we’ve seen from the Q1 registration reports published this week. The high gasoline prices are a contributing factor, pushing people toward a more economical alternative to gas-powered vehicles. But EV popularity also increased organically, as more people become aware of their advantages. This has led to the demand for electric vehicles far outstripping the supply, and even Tesla has problems building as many EVs as the market demands.

Tesla recorded a significant order surge back in March, as more people wanted to fight high gasoline prices and the long queues at the pumps. The high demand has lengthened the waiting times for Tesla vehicles, despite several price hikes in the past year. The situation has gotten so bad that Tesla even considers it’s time to stop taking orders on some models until the situation eases. This was confirmed by Elon Musk during the Financial Times Future of Cars Conference.

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Tesla Considers Closing Orders On Some Models

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