In California, 12.5% of new light-duty vehicle registrations were plug-in electric vehicles (PEV) in 2021. Next highest were the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Washington, and Oregon, which each had PEV registrations accounting for more than 7% of new registrations. Of all light-duty vehicle registrations in California for 2021, including new and existing registrations, 2.5% were PEV.

But as you look at the map, it's NOT the same across the country and MANY areas show the uptick being virtually NON-EXISTENT.

So in a nutshell, California is the epicenter but MOST people are nowhere NEAR convinced this is the way to go...

Full disclosure, I bought a Plug-in in 2021 but NOT because I wanted one. I wanted a hybrid for my kids but the tax implications made the Plug-in CHEAPER than the hybrid. What a waste of taxpayer dollars.

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VERIFY: The Media WANTS You To Think EVERYONE Is Going EV And Plug-In. But The Stats Show OTHERWISE.

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