I don't know about you but CANNOT remember Jeep offering a rebate on the JK OR the JL Wrangler.

Can you?

I mean the vehicle has sold itself for STUPID money new AND used.

So I was thrown when I was SPYING the net today when I saw this:

$3500 Rebate on a Wrangler (INCLUDING RUBICON) is UUUUUUUUGE!

Especially, if you can get a dealer to sell at the employee discount as well.

Either this biz is changing BIG TIME or the Bronco threw a REAL hurtin' bomb on the Wrangler!

What say you Spies?

And are you suddenly IN-MARKET for one at these prices?

EXCLUSIVE! When JEEP Starts Throwing Out HUGE Rebates On WRANGLERS, You KNOW The Biz Is Changing AND/OR The Bronco Threw Them A HURTIN' BOMB!

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