You'd be forgiven for having not heard of NamX. It's an Afro-European industrial and technological venture that aims to reconcile human mobility and environmental preservation on a large scale thanks to green hydrogen. Basically, they make hydrogen stuff for cars and other mobility solutions. But, you've probably heard of Pininfarina. The legendary Italian design house is responsible for some of history's most iconic cars, including the Ferrari F40 and Enzo.

This one, penned by Pininfarina, is called the NamX HUV concept. Fitting its powerplant, NamX says the "HUV is a hydrogen-powered, fuel cell SUV." If that sounds familiar, it's because BMW is working on a similar powerplant for the X5. Regardless, the HUV has also got quite the party trick. But more on that later. For now, let's talk about what Pininfarina is known for - design.

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Pininfarina Reveals Hydrogen-Powered SUV - Tell Us Again Where Do You Get Hydrogen?

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