t's a rough time to be driving a gas guzzler, as global turmoil and supply-side issues continue to drive price increases for motorists. The average price of gas has now reached a new record high of $4.37 a gallon in the US, as reported by Business Insider.

The data comes from AAA, with Tuesday's average price of $4.374 a gallon eclipsing previous records set in recent months. Most notably, this year first saw price records broken back in March, as an average price of $4.17 eclipsed the old record of $4.11 a gallon set during the tumultuous financial conditions of 2008.

As per usual, there's a strong spread between states. California comes in with an average price of $5.84 a gallon, with Hawaii and Nevada similarly posting averages above $5 respectively. It's a sharp contrast to Georgia, which posted the lowest average of just $3.90 a gallon, or Oklahoma at just $3.95.

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