As you know we've been covering the buzz surrounding the new Ford Lightning and Rivian EV pickups.

Both good products with very little not to like if you want an EV pickup.

Our opinion is that they will follow the other EV's on the market and be popular in the usual places like California and other good weather markets.

But anything more than 1-2% adoption in the middle of the country whether the USA or Canada is still up in the air.

From my unscientific studies I still minimal bleed/conquest over to Rivian from Tesla customers and about the same with the Lightning.

But what I do see is many people watching Rivian and Ford to see customer reaction and real world life with the vehicles and see them like a GATEWAY DRUG to the Tesla CyberTruck.

It's easy to find all over the web. Thousands of comments like "Hat tip to Rivian and Ford for being first! Now I REALLY CAN'T WAIT for my CyberTruck to come!"

So to net it out if y'all want my opinion and take on all this.

It's simple...

1. The world will find out true truck buyers WON'T radiate to the EV versions like the media and the climate people's wet dreams show them.

2. Once the Tesla is out, the majority of that potential market will become Elon's.

In other words, there IS a market for them but just like with the cars and suv's it will be regional and Tesla will own the game. Think Apple coming into the market with the ipod. there were hundreds of MP3 players that came before but until Cupertino took a stab at the experience there was no real and solid leader.

Are The Ford Lightning And Rivian Pickups Just The GATEWAY DRUGS To The Tesla CyberTruck?

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