The number of trips Americans are making to their workplace has dropped significantly when compared to pre-pandemic figures, a new report finds, as the nation gives into 'work from home' culture, and employees begin to refuse to return to work - or stay in positions that require them to go to the office each day.

A new study by Work From Home Research, a research group making up economists from the U.S, UK and Mexico that hopes to gauge the feelings of the global workforce coming out of the pandemic, used phone location data to find that American trips to work every day have dropped by 20 percent when compared to pre-pandemic figures.

Survey results reported by the researchers also found that the average American employee is now working 1.5 days per week from home. Americans seem to have dug in on what researchers describe as 'work from home culture' as well, with 15 percent saying they would likely look for a new job if they were told they had to return to the office five days a week.

YET, the climate hasn't changed one bit nor have there been any less weather events.

So if a DECREASE in driving of over 20% has NO effect, how will a slow trickle of increase in EV ownership do ANY better?

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THOSE SILLY FACTS! If Daily Commutes DROPPING 20% Since 2020 HAVEN'T Changed The CLIMATE, HOW Will EV Ownership Do ANY Better In The Next Ten Years?

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