Just as Russia contaminated the letter Z for good, it has also damaged other things people used to be proud of, such as the Black Alligator helicopters. They were a symbol of competent engineering for DARTZ, which named its cars after these Soviet attack helicopters. With Ukraine being invaded by Russians, Leonard Yankelovich decided to end that tribute to Igor Sikorsky. DARTZ’s new car is the Prombon Iron Diamond MMXXII.

Yankelovich explained the changes:

“We can’t use Z, which became the modern swastika. We can’t use helicopter names. We cant name our brand identity ‘The Spirit of Bomber.’ So, for the time being, we removed Black Alligator from our naming. Also, ‘The Spirit of Bomber’ is now ‘The Spirit of Heroes.’”

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Armored Car Maker DARTZ Stops Using Russian Names For Vehicles

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