Kids do funny things, but taking their parents’ car for a ride when they're only seven is not something you see very often. A young boy from Middletown, Ohio, did just that when he wanted a morning slushie, causing chaos in his path. Luckily, no one was hurt.

When you’re seven and crave a morning slushie, you try your best to get to that slushie, even if your parents are asleep. Seeing this done many times, Daniel thought it was only natural to take the car and be on his way, just like any sane man would do. It wasn’t easy, as the keys were out of reach, and the poor boy had to use a chair to get them. But in the end, Daniel got behind the wheel of his family’s Kia Sportage, and off he went.

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WATCH: 7 Year Old Ohio Boy Takes Mom's Kia Out For A Slushie

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