In the last decade or so, the automotive industry has gone through a massive transformation to comply with stringent regulations and changing customer demands. The rise of the SUV and electrification has spelled doom for the once-popular sedan, for example, with brands rushing to bolster their respective ranges with high-riding crossovers.

Even Ferrari hasn't been able to escape market trends and has responded with the Purosangue, which isn't a typical SUV but rather a 2+2 GT with some raised ground clearance. Lamborghini is no stranger to the SUV, having pioneered it to a degree with the LM002 and then reentering it decades later with the Urus. Recently, the company's head of design quietly admitted that the super SUV will head down the electric route, where it will be joined by a battery-powered grand tourer.

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Lamborghini's First EV Will Be A 2+2 With Raised Ground Clearance

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