Driver assistance systems are becoming more sophisticated, and now automakers seem to have figured out a way of making sure everyone sticks to the speed limits. Ford is now trialing Geofencing technology, which can automatically reduce the vehicle’s speed in predefined zones around schools, hospitals, and shopping areas.


The technology, which is currently tested in Cologne, Germany, creates a virtual geographical boundary with a speed limit. When the vehicle enters this area, the system makes sure that the car won’t exceed the predetermined speed limit. This can happen even without visible signs on the road, alerting the driver that they entered a geofenced zone through the digital instrument cluster. Ford believes the system will come in handy on unfamiliar routes, or in cases where the driver didn’t notice the speed signs, protecting them from fines, and most importantly reducing the risk of accidents.

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WATCH: Ford Testing Geofencing To Force Reduce Speeds In Certain Areas

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