When it comes to dealer markups, all I can do is sit back and laugh anymore. Lord knows someone is gonna pay it, but it's not gonna be me! Take a few examples Carbuzz spotted, for instance. The publication found several dealerships across the country that want serious money for Toyota's plain-jane new electric crossover, the bZ4X. A car that—if it's anything like the Subaru Solterra, which is mostly the same vehicle—will just sort of exist. (At least the Solterra qualifies for a federal tax credit.)

However, these markups may preview something we haven't yet seen from Toyota, which is a hot product hitting the market during the current era of supply-chain hell in which we live. The Supra and GR86 have been marked up somewhat, as has the RAV4 Prime, but it's nothing compared to say the C8 Corvette, Hummer EV, or Ford Bronco. Toyota buyers, too, have signaled they won't stand for excessive markups too; 4Runner buyers aren't scared of naming names. Now, Toyota will roll out the red carpet for not only its first fully electric vehicle, but also cars that enthusiasts have been frothing at the mouth over for a long time: the GR Corolla, stick-shift Supra, and more.

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Absurd Dealer Markups Are Ruining Buying Fun Cars

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