Rivian has managed to beat Tesla, Ford, and GM with the first electric pickup truck on the market. It wasn't just the first but also very good, a perception shared by many of those who got the chance to drive the R1T. As more people got the opportunity to spend quality time with the truck, we’ve seen all kinds of tests appearing on social media. The R1T was taken off-road, put to hard work, and even forded a river, never failing to impress.

Finally, Consumer Reports got the chance to drive the R1T after Rivian offered them not one but three trucks to test on their track. Like many times before, Rivian’s pickup left testers wanting for more, proving “ultra-quick, ultra-capable, and brimming with innovative features.” Consumer Reports goes as far as naming it “the most cutting-edge pickup truck the industry has seen in a very long time.”

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Consumer Reports Compares The Rivian R1T To A Honda Ridgeline - Wait, Isn't That An Insult?

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