Brake-checking a following driver is dumb, and you should never do it no matter how mad you are with the idiot riding your tail. If a cop saw someone do it to you, you’d expect them to be dealt with harshly, and rightly so. But in this video it’s a cop doing the brake-checking, and to make matters worse, the motorist behind is riding a motorcycle, and could easily have been killed in the resulting collision.


The footage comes from the man behind Florida-based YouTube channel Hyped Life, who was riding his 2020 Yamaha R3, an entry-level sports bike, in clear conditions when he came up behind a Dodge Charger belonging to the Florida Highway Patrol’s Davie district. The bike’s speedo is obscured in the edited video, so it’s fair to assume the rider is exceeding the speed limit, but probably not by much, and the footage shows he’s not riding recklessly.

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WATCH: Florida Cop Brake Checks Motorcycle Driver With Disasterous Results

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