Here are two examples of a rare automotive breed that is becoming rarer with each passing day. Not only do they share body styles (both two-door sports coupes) and mechanical philosophy (both 5-litre V8s, not a turbo in sight, and strictly rear-wheel drive only), but when they’ve burnt their last drop of E5 98 RON their replacements are destined to follow them in name only. In fact the Mustang is already evolving into its future self in the guise of the Mach-E, an all-electric SUV, and Lexus recently teased a new electric sports coupe that will glide into the slot the RC F will vacate in the company’s product line-up in a few years’ time. 


Ford’s sixth-generation Mustang, here in Mach 1 guise, needs little introduction, is a firm evo favourite and is as straightforward a performance car as they come. It’s a (relatively) affordable gateway for anyone looking for front-engined, rear-drive thrills in a car that takes a route-one approach by keeping it simple – as opposed to rivals that require you to read the manual (online, naturally) and watch an instructional video before you can enjoy what they’re capable of. Which almost invariably is more than you need for the road – or could get away with on a trackday…

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Rear Wheel Drive Show Down: Lexus RC F Vs The Ford Mustang Mach 1

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