Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow said that record-high gas prices 'don't matter' to her because she has an electric vehicle as she urged Americans to by eco-friendly vehicles and decrease reliability on greedy oil companies.

Her remarks were met with fury. Republican Repo. Byron Donalds said: DEMs continue to laugh at the struggles of working-class Americans who are suffering due to Biden's Price Hike. Just look at how happy Debbie Stabenow is when boasting about driving her EV.

'I can assure you Michiganders aren't laughing.'

How callous and out of touch are these politicians? It’s SAD they have no idea how the average person lives and have ZERO empathy for the mess they’ve caused.

They SAY they are for the little guy and gal yet WHO have they hurt the MOST with high inflation and gas prices? The poor, less fortunate and minorities. SAD.

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LIBERAL PRIVILEGE? HOW Out Of Touch Is Sen. Debbie Stabenow BRAGGING Gas Prices Don't Bother Her Because She Has An EV?

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