Next to anything Elon or Tesla if you had to pick the vehicle getting the MOST hype lately, it would probably be the Ford Lightning EV pickup.

You have to give Ford credit for generating a LOT of Lightning hype.

If you've been following, we've had the run up to the launch, the ACTUAL launch, and now deliveries finally ending up in customer hands.

And now you're reading articles on these new customers etc.

Good for Ford right? Based on the delivery hype, you'd think there are at least 1000's of people out there driving them now.

But WHAT is the REALITY.

This is straight from the horses mouth...

“Ford has delivered 284 of the pickups to dealerships through Monday June 6, Ford spokesman Martin Gunsberg told the Detroit Free Press.”.

So are YOU surprised?

284 isn't a lot.

I would have guessed 15-2500.

So what is your take on this?

Are you surprised? Did you expect more?

What Is Your BEST GUESS Of HOW MANY Ford Lightning EV's Have Been Delivered To REAL Customers Since Launch? Bet You CAN'T!

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