If a friend or a family member came to you ans asked you which vehicles get the CRAPIEST mileage and are what they USED to call 'GAS GUZZLER'S' that would be easy...

Escalade, Range Rover, G-Class, etc. I could go on.

But what ISN'T as easy is picking the vehicles that SEEM to get good MPG's but are ALMOST as miserable.

You know by reading Auto Spies one of those is the Toyota Tacoma pickup. It's hard to pick a SMALLER vehicle with more disappointing real world mileage stats. In our experience and MANY others you almost need to be a HYPERMILER to get 17mpg's around town. MOST will tell you 14-15.

So let's help out potential shoppers right now and NAME AND SHAME the UNDERPERFORMERS out there.

The ones that MOST non-car people would never know about until it's too late.

And buyer beware if you're looking to buy something more fuel efficient than what you're driving now...

Spies, discuss...

NAME AND SHAME! Help A Brother Out. Call Out The Vehicles People THINK Get Good Mileage But Are TRUE UNDERPERFORMERS.

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