The internet can be tiresome in many ways.

If you want proof just look though your social timeline and look at how many people hear a story, add no value or perspective and parrot it into oblivion.

Take Tesla discussions as an example...

How many times can a human read the haters criticize their fit and finish compared to their 1991 560SEL sedan. Ok, I'm stretching a little there but you get it.

Bottom line is they want the message to be Tesla can't ever compete with the legacy car companies UNTIL their fit and finish is better that the original Lexus LS in 1989. Newsflash, NOTHING will ever be made that well again. GET OVER IT.

So with that let's ask the internet....

When considering an EV, tell us WHICH is MORE important to you?

FIT AND FINISH Or BATTERY RANGE And Fastest Charging Time?


WHICH Is MORE Important To You When Considering An EV? FIT And FINISH Quality OR Range And The FASTEST Charging Time?

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