Britt Ruggiero and Justin Giuffrida bought a 2002 Bluebird school bus in February 2021, with plans to convert it into a 30-foot home on wheels. At the time, diesel fuel prices in their home state of Colorado were averaging around $3 per gallon, the same as the national average.

The engaged couple, new to the nomadic living trend of #vanlife, gutted their bus, which they’ve dubbed the G Wagon, created a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, and installed plumbing and solar power. They also mapped out an ambitious yearlong, cross-country trip: First they’d travel to Florida, then north to Long Island, then see California top to bottom, before heading back to the Southeast for the winter holidays. They got on the road this March, only to realize quickly that gas prices were not what they’d expected.

Like countless other vanlife travelers, they are adapting to cut costs. Remaining in destinations longer, using gas apps and signing up for fuel cards allows vanlifers to stay on the road without giving up the freedom afforded by their lifestyle.

Do YOU have a Sprinter or something similar? And if so are you going to KEEP it or make the call to CARVANA or CARMAX?

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