If you go online, it seems everyday SOMEONE claims they're gonna beat TESLA,

And the MOST vocal is GM. They have been dishing out the rhetoric and that SOON (within a couple years) they will ECLIPSE Tesla in sales and be the LEADER.

Ford hasn't been that bold but they like to throw out little punches here and there.

And one company has been taking a different route and that is Toyota. They have been a sleeper and have been starting to show some interesting vehicles not far away that could EASILY take them to the top quickly seeing reliability and recalls are real issues with EV's lately.

And although you could easily laugh off products like RAV4 Prime, everyone I talk to that has one would give their liver before they gave up the keys to theirs.

So if you think about it, they have great hybrids, strong PHEV's and promising full EV's coming soon that promise to have their reliability.

So we ask WHO has the BETTER lineup on deck in the USA to challenge Tesla from what YOU can see? GM, Ford, Hyundai/KIA or is Toyota the SLEEPER than will beat them ALL in the space over time?

WHO Has The Better EV Lineup On Deck In The USA To Challenge TESLA? FORD, GM, Hyundai/KIA? And Is TOYOTA A SLEEPER That Is About To Wake Up?

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