In this century, the first truly transformational technology that has impacted our world in dramatic ways is the iPhone. Even though the first smartphones showed up at the end of the last century, the iPhone introduced in 2007 became a computer in your pocket and made smartphones instrumental in the way we communicate and interact with information anytime, anywhere today.

Recently I was asked that, given my 40-year history covering tech, what would be the next big technology leap that will impact our world as much as the iPhone and smartphones.

For me, the next big thing will be fully automated vehicles.

Spoiler alert…NO ONE will beat Elon’s hold on this and we’ve predicted whomever owns that will OWN the whole car business. Every vehicle will need to license Elon’s tech.

ONLY Apple could have an outside shot in this market.

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What Next Big Technology Will Impact Our World As Much As The iPhone? Hint, It's Inside Your Tesla.

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