One of the best ways to know if a product is selling well is a VERY scientific process (not really). You see them around town on your daily drives. DUH!

And in places like SoCal, Tx. and FLA, you usually can sport the trending rides BEFORE in most areas of the country.

In the EV space of course Tesla is owning and everywhere. And right now we've been seeing a decent number of the new Hyundai's and Kia's. And even a sprinkling of Porsche Taycan's here and there.

But ONE brand that would like you to THINK they are a LEADER in the EV space hasn't had the success the 'experts' predicted.

And THAT would be Audi.

When the E-Tron came out we began to see them here and there but that did NOT last long.

I hardly see ANY in whatever town I'm in.

Same for the GT. In the 'in' spots I've seen TWO, count them, TWO since it's been out.

I see more Chevy BOLT'S than Audi EV's.

So WHAT did they do wrong? WHY, hasn't their EV lineup taken off like planned, The spent a FORTUNE on marketing. Super Bowl commercials, etc. With Ho-Hum results.

What say YOU Spies???

I'm Seeing LESS And LESS Audi EV's Driving Around In SoCal, TX And FLA. Tell Them What They Are Doing Wrong.

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