Do YOU believe Jaguar has a future or is it dead?

Here is an interview with its boss.

Do you believe him?

Just how big is the task of re-establishing Jaguar?

“It’s huge, but we’re absolutely where we want to be. I’m conscious we’ve been quiet on Jaguar, but that has been deliberate. We had [Land Rover’s] Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and [Land Rover] Defender 130 to launch, and we needed to get that done. But we’ve been working like crazy on the new Jaguars with a fiercely dedicated team locked away from distractions.”

You’ve mentioned 2024. What’s the significance of that? Previously, a 2025 relaunch was spoken of.

“Both years are significant. In 2024, we will show the world what a new Jaguar will be like; in 2025, we will deliver cars to customers. We’re still working on options for communicating and marketing the vehicles. We have plenty of ideas, but we haven’t yet decided which way to go.”

Full interview at the link.

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Is Jaguar DEAD? OR Does It Have A FUTURE? Its Boss Says Yes. Here's Why.

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