Cadillac has been at the butt-end of countless jokes over the years because of its obvious parts-bin sharing with Chevy, Buick, and other General Motors brands. More than a handful of Caddies announced in the past few decades have fallen short of the "Standard of the World" tagline simply because of cost-cutting measures. There are right and wrong ways to do that, and Cadillac often seemed to choose the latter, essentially using parts from other GM products and calling it a day. With the Cadillac Lyriq, however, things are different.

GM President Mark Reuss gave the Cadillac design team carte blanch to develop an interior completely devoid of commonly used GM parts, and that's exactly what they did. The Lyriq's cabin is all Cadillac, down to the very last, seemingly insignificant detail. While at the first drive event, The Drive had the chance to sit down with Cadillac Interior Design Manager Tristan Murphy, who discussed just how far the team went to ensuring no pre-existing GM parts made their way into the Lyriq.

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GM President Told Cadillac To Not Make The New Lyriq A

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