Car dealers and manufacturers typically use the July 4th holiday as an opportunity to clear out leftover inventory to make room for the newer model years, but this year is kind of different. If you've been shopping for a car lately, you know that prices on most vehicles are insane. Used car prices are at record highs, which drives the price of new cars up as well.

There are a few special promotions going on here and there, with some 0% interest rates on a few models, but for the most part, we're not seeing the types of special deals we've seen in years past.

However, I rounded up a list of models with the largest discounts off MSRP. This may be a crazy market, but if you know which models to consider, you can still get a great deal this 4th of July.

Is this list an island of misfit toys OR WHAT? I would say NO discount is high enough for some of THESE GEMS!

This is a portion of the list. Full list is at the link...

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If Rudolph's Island Of Misfit Of Toys Was A Roster Of Cars And Trucks This 4th Of July Deals List Would Come Awfully Close!

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