Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to pay our final respects to the Green New Deal. We had such high hopes for it: hope that it would save our economy; hope that it would save our planet; and, most of all, hope that it would save our party from the coming November red tsunami.

What killed the Green New Deal?

High gas prices.
The Supreme Court.
The coming November election.

There is very little chance of resurrecting the Green New Deal before the November election, and, if current polls are anywhere near accurate, even less of a chance afterwards.

That means if we’re to make progress on our environmental agenda, we will have to sit down with the other side and see where we can find common ground.

So will USA auto companies use this opportunity to delay the push to full EV?

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The GREEN New Deal Is DEAD. How Will this Effect The Push To FULL EV In The USA?

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