After building the Hennessey Venom F5 to break the 300 mph barrier, it's tough to imagine how the American tuner turned automaker could possibly top itself. Since 400 mph doesn't seem possible for a road car, Hennessey will turn in a different, albeit slightly familiar direction. Last year, the company announced plans to build an electric six-wheel-drive GT car called the Deep Space by 2026. Hennessey has plenty of experience building six-wheeled vehicles like the Ram TRX-based Mammoth, but an electric GT is completely new territory.

In an interview with Autocar, company CEO John Hennessey gave more details about the Deep Space, including a rough power estimate. "It's six electric motors with, say, the power potential of 400 horsepower per motor," Hennessey said. Why six wheels? Because it would provide more traction. With approximately 2,400 horsepower, this car would outproduce electric hypercars like the Lotus Evija and Rimac Nevera.

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Hennessey To Build 6 Wheeled Electric Hypercar Starting At $3 Million

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