Polestar chief executive Thomas Ingenlath has expressed his dismay at the current state of automotive design and says the electric automaker is favoring a more subtle approach. While speaking with Top Gear, Ingenlath noted that Polestar is reaping the benefits of more refined designs than some of its rivals.

“It’s been, and still is, a phase where there’s an amazing overemphasis of expressiveness,” he said. “Just producing visually loud objects, which I think is incredible thinking. You walk through a street where lots of cars are parked, and all of them are shouting at you. It’s a very arrogant attitude, to actually molest the people with these expressions. You feel like, ‘come on, have a certain decency’. Some class would be appropriate.”

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Executive Says Polestar Aims For A Sophisticated Audience Not Impressed By Giltz

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