Though Germany's climate-focused government was on its way to phasing out coal from its energy sector, it has to make sure it reserves enough gas to heat homes, said Chris Bataille, an adjunct research fellow with the Columbia Center on Global Energy Policy.

"Part of the reason the Germans are allowing these coal plants to turn back on right now, is they want to shut off their gas plants so that they can refill their gas storage for the winter," he said.

New legislation will allow the country to use 15 coal-fired power plants, all of which were slated to be phased out this year or next.

However, the temporary move to coal may not be the end of Germany's robust climate plans. The country is set to phase out coal by 2038, a goal that's still in place. Experts say the country's coalition government, which includes a Green party, is trying to buy time with coal so that it can come up with a more sustainable long-term solution.

As China and India use multiples higher yet the climate people say nothing.

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Europe 'TEMPORARILY', YEAH RIGHT, Turning BACK TO COAL In Response To Russian Gas Cuts.

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