Moss’ bill, HB 1049, was filed May 25. Known as the “Equitable Vehicle Fuel Stations,” it would essentially eliminate any free electric vehicle charging stations on public property if a gas pump is not similarly provided. Also, the bill would prevent the state or local governments from funding free chargers if they don’t provide a gas pump as well.

The legislation would also allocate $50,000 to the state Department of Transportation to destroy existing public EV stations that are non-compliant with its ruling.

“I believe in clean, renewable energy solutions that are brought forward by the free market,” Moss wrote in an email statement after declining to answer specific questions over the phone about the bill. “However, I don’t believe that taxpayers should be footing the bill by providing ‘free’ electric vehicle charging stations on state and local government property unless the same locations offer gasoline or diesel fuel at no charge.”

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Bill Would Eliminate Free Charging Stations In North Carolina. Read Further To See WHY.

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