Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot's motorcade has been busted for multiple speeding and traffic offenses - despite the lawmaker pushing for harsher punishments for drivers who go too fast. 

Lightfoot's SUVs have since February 2020 been involved in at least eight incidents, and since May 2021 received three speed camera tickets and two warnings, plus a red light ticket.

The revelations come as Lightfoot, who took over in May 2019, continues to push to lower the 'buffer zone' threshold that speed cameras allow before issuing a citation.

'No one likes speed cameras. I get it,' she said last month.

'But this is life or death that we're talking about here, and we've got to step up as a city and address this.'
She has also repeatedly highlighted the threat to children from speeding vehicles near schools.

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Lori Leadfoot! Chicago Mayor Condemned! Her Official SUV's Have AT LEAST Eight Tickets Running Reds And Erratic Driving. NONE ARE PAID!

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