GM's Mary Barra has claimed numerous times that in a few years they will deliver a SUB-30k EV.

She has had multiple opportunities to walk the statement back but even with the price increases of the pandemic it seems she's STILL sticking to her statements.

Now don't get us wrong, we LIKE motivated people who are fighters.

But at the same time, we HATE bullshit artists.

At some point she either must back down, get fired OR deliver the home run of home runs.

You make the call of what you think the outcome will be.

But we also want you to answer these questions as well...

What good is a sub-30k EV that is C-R-A-P?

And if it WAS TRULY POSSIBLE to deliver a decent EV for that price point wouldn't Toyota, Hyundai or KIA have ALREADY done it?


GM's Mary Barra PROMISES To Deliver A SUB-30k EV In A Few Years. We Ask If It IS Possible To Do Wouldn't Toyota, Hyundai Or KIA Have ALREADY Done It?

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