Engine lubrication problems reported by several 2022 Toyota GR86 owners may be dampening the fun offered by the affordable, two-seater, lightweight sports car. So far, Blake Alvarado has been refused engine replacement under warranty after a total failure that Toyota claims was his fault at least in part because he took his car to an amateur track day—something Toyota encourages through both its marketing and owner perks like a free track day. And it looks like the issues may be more widespread than previously known

Alvarado admits he took his car to a "Test & Tune" day and a handful of local performance driving events, but that those rarely exceed highway speeds. Alvarado claims the vehicle's engine is unmodified and it has not been abused. For reference, Alvarado's engine had just 13,770 miles when it failed.

By comparison, warranty engine replacements for the Subaru BRZ are relatively easy, according to owners. This does not appear to be the case with Toyota.

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Did Toyota Make A Car For People To TRACK And Then VOID THE WARRANTY When They Do? Maybe?

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