Since January 2021 we drove less, ran more errands at once, cut back on shopping and eating out, and put off major purchases and vacations to compensate for this runaway inflation and crazy gas prices..

One thing we didn’t do? Buy more electric vehicles.

SAY WHAT?@! conducted its annual Electric Vehicle Consumer Survey right in the middle of the surge in gas prices, and asked nearly 2,000 current car shoppers a multitude of questions regarding EVs.

Shoppers were asked to list the top three reasons they wouldn’t buy an EV; 48 percent of respondents said electric vehicles were too expensive, 44 percent said they had concerns about EVs’ range, and 36 percent said they had concerns about where to charge the vehicle.

These results track with earlier versions of the survey, conducted in 2021 and 2019, in which consumers repeatedly listed the same three reasons for not choosing an EV.

EVEN NOW, with the highest prices ever for most people.

We could take a victory lap for predicting this long ago, and having to hear the naysayers and ‘experts’ zealously throw any data out that didn’t support their wet dreams of an all EV world.

The liberals are scratching their heads, thinking what amount of pain do we have to inflict on the average Joe and Jane to get our desired outcome?

But it doesn’t get any simpler than the point we’ve made all along.

UNTIL you read your favorite tech blog and see that some Musk-like mad scientist has made the next big energy/battery breakthrough, you will NEVER see EV’s reach critical mass in the USA.

Now we know that the zealots will freak out and say that we hate EV’s, that’s why the negativity.

But we don’t hate EV’s at all. For some (less than 5%) it’s a reasonable solution for them. And if you want to buy one, go ahead.

But don’t fool yourself and believe the major media’s blind belief that it’s a given that the USA is going full electric, anywhere CLOSE to the gov’t mandated dates.

100%, those dates WILL change. And you can take that to the bank. ESPECIALLY, if a certain guy comes back and wins in 2024.

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Now that Gas Prices Are OFF THE CHARTS EVERYONE Wants An EV? NOT! This Is WHY EV's Will NEVER Go Mainstream UNLESS There Is A MAJOR Battery Breakthrough. SORRY Lefties!

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