Women are better at operating driverless cars than men, according to a new study.

Researchers at Newcastle University found that women display faster reaction times, more control over the wheel and are better at taking back control of the vehicle when needed.

The simulator gave participants 20 seconds to take back control of the driverless vehicle to spot and avoid crashing into a parked car.

Results found that compared to men, women were less likely to be hasty during takeovers, had slightly faster reaction times and had had a more stable operation of the steering wheel.

On average, women took 2.45 seconds to retake control over the car compared to men who took 2.63 seconds.

For moving out of the way of a parked car, women took an average of 13.52 seconds to notice and change lanes, while men took 13.76 seconds.

Previous studies into driverless cars focused on attitudes and perspectives, with women more likely to be concerned about their use, but research into how different genders use the vehicles is still limited.

So is a setting coming in the 'autopilot' equipped vehicles that allows them to be set for female or male drivers.

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Survey Shows Women BETTER Drivers Than MEN Operating THIS Kind Of Car. Get Your Popcorn!

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