On April 14th, a dealership representative contacted Volkswagen Group of America in regards to a ruptured airbag inflator in a 2016 model year Audi A3 e-tron involved in a crash. The email was read and submitted to the appropriate department on April 18th, then all of the relevant information was presented at the quarterly meeting with the NHTSA on May 13th.

Come June 29th, the Volkswagen Group was permitted to carry out a visual inspection with the plaintiffs, NHTSA, sub-supplier ARC, and tier-1 supplier Joyson Safety Systems. To whom it may concern, Joyson Safety System was formerly known as Key Safety Systems before it acquired the Takata Corporation that everyone knows for its defective airbag saga.

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NHTSA Recalls 1,216 Vehicles VW And Audi Vehicles For Defective Airbags Made By Takata Buyer

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