Mazda surprised everyone in 2019 when it introduced its first electric vehicle at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. After all, the Japanese car industry had avoided developing electric vehicles, and giants like Toyota and Honda openly advocated against them. Mazda is a relatively modest carmaker with limited R&D resources, which it spends mostly on refining the combustion engine.

It was interesting that it chose to develop a new vehicle instead of electrifying an existing one. Maybe Mazda was seeing it as more than just a compliance EV. In that case, something terrible happened with their plans. It must’ve been expensive to develop it basically from scratch. Sure, many components are shared between different Mazda crossovers (the CX-30 features a similar platform). Still, the MX-30 has a distinctive body with a rather interesting door concept inspired by the late RX-8.

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Mazda's First Electric Vehicle Bombs In The Showroom

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