Today, I felt I was back in the 80's when I saw this coming the other way on my drive this AM.

And I thought to myself, it's 2022, WHO on earth would honestly buy an Acura SEDAN. As that thought sunk in I also expanded it to an Infiniti as well.

Have they not read or researched what is out there since the PT Cruiser was the car of the year?

Or hadn't they seen many of the new products from others that are 50x better? And fresher as well?

I mean it would be like going to the Sephora store and buying a tube of BRYLCREEM (look it up) if they sold it.

Now don't get us wrong, they aren't bad vehicles. But we ask in WHICH comparison could they come out the winner in if someone actually did their homework?

Performance? Price? Looks? Are they on top in ANY comparison in 2022?

So Spies tell us what YOU think? And what SHOULD that person have bought if YOU were to have chosen it for them?

How Out Of Touch With The Market Of Cars Do You Have To Be To Be Buying An ACURA OR INFINITI in 2022?

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