I didn’t truly understand my lack of enthusiasm for the Rivian (RIVN) story until I pulled the t-tops off my ‘91 Trans AM this past weekend for another mid-life crisis cruise to the beach.

“How did this car capture my heart?” I wondered to myself. After a few moments, I traced the love affair back to seeing Pontiac commercials on TV as a kid hawking their famous tagline: "We are driving excitement."

All of which got me thinking about Rivian’s valuation, god awful post IPO stock performance, and future as I hit the road for a gas-fueled cruise in my 30-year-old sports car.

If Rivian is ever going to reach its full potential as an auto company and investment, Scaringe needs to channel the ghosts of legendary auto salesman that have come before him.

No one says he has to be buffoonish like Musk, tweeting constantly, buying Twitter, trying to not buy Twitter, and so on. Scaringe may not even need to be Farley, out there pumping up an entire nation of F-150 owners to swap out 10 year old rides for the new electric version. But Scaringe should find his voice soon.

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