The electric pickups are barely starting to show up on the market, but they already surprised many by how capable they are.


Here we can see a Ford F-150 Lightning, which after a trip to Alaska, has been tested by The Fast Lane Truck against conventional pickups in tug of war.

It's more fun rather than a real scientific test, but it hints that electric pickups can match the top conventional models.

In the first test, the Ford F-150 Lightning was put up against its gasoline counterpart (Ford F-150 twin turbo 3.5L V6 hybrid with 10-speed automatic transmission). Both vehicles are all-wheel drive, but the Lightning is heavier by 1,000 lbs or so, which is crucial in this type of contest. Higher power and torque also indicate that the electric F-150 should win. As we can see in the video, the conventional F-150 had no chance. It was easy.


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