If you saw the words NHTSA and Tesla in the same sentence recently, it probably wasn’t for a good reason. Tesla has been investigated more than once for problems related to its semi-autonomous driving system, inaptly named Full Self-Driving (FSD). Even more recently, safety advocate Ralph Nader urged the NHTSA “to order that the FSD technology be removed in every Tesla.” The “Unsafe at any Speed” author thinks that the FSD should not be allowed “on the same streets where children walk to school.”

Despite this concerted campaign against Tesla and its FSD software, the NHTSA still wants to use the “malfunctioning software” on its vehicles. And judging from the agency’s letter to Tesla headquarters, it wants it badly. Unfortunately, NHTSA people ran into the same issues that regular folks face: cracking the Safety Score and being allowed into the program.

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NHTSA Requests Help From Tesla To Crack Into FSD Code So They Can Investigate Them

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