Alfa Romeo chief executive Jean-Philippe Imparato has revealed that the car manufacturer will introduce a new combustion-powered sports car in 2023.



While Alfa Romeo has already committed to going all-electric by 2027, Imparato revealed that it isn’t ready to bid farewell to combustion engines just yet. While details about the vehicle are limited, Auto Express believes that it will be mid-engined and use a carbon fiber chassis.

“Alfa is sportiness,” Imparato said when discussing the car. “You will see something sporty in the first half of 2023. I am on two scenarios: full EV or full ICE. I can tell you [this car] will be a very exciting one, very expensive, very selective. We will probably have some surprising, interesting proposals that will not always be full EV for the coming two years.”

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Alfa Romeo To Debut New Internal Combustion Powered Sports Car Next Year

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