Posted on social and we thought this would be a good battle scenario. EV vs. Gas.

"Truck on left New Ford Lightning electric truck, full charge pulling a 6,000 lb trailer got only 86 miles even though the Fords computer said in the beginning 167 miles before recharging and was at 9% at the end of 80 miles.  Plus panicking and he was freaking out to find a charging station . Truck on right new GMC ultimate gasoline. Both had exact same tire pressure both had A/C set at 70  the GMC had a range of 280 miles on 24 gallons of fuel, and had hands free driving even pulling trailer, and heads up display. Pulling exact same trailers. The GMC still had a little over 3/4 of a tank at the 86 miles. So tell me why in the hell would I want an electric vehicle ! It takes about 7 min to refill the GMC and hours to charge the Ford."

So do they have a point or are they MISSING it?


TRUCK WARS! Ford Lightning EV Vs. GMC ICE 6.2. WHO Does Bell TOW For To YOU?

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