As electric cars continue to grow in popularity, purchase costs are beginning to become more on par with ICE vehicles - especially in Europe, where gas cars are becoming increasingly penalized. In some cases, electric cars are significantly cheaper than their ICE alternatives. A Porsche Taycan, for example, costs roughly half as much as a Panamera in Norway. Meanwhile, in France, a BMW i4 M50 is 35% cheaper than a less powerful M3 or M4.


That said, on the lower end of things EVs are still considerably more than equivalent gas cars. In Germany, a Volkswagen ID.3 will set you back at least €38,000 meanwhile a well-equipped Golf can be had for €8,000 less. In the US, the Chevy Bolt EUV retails for $28,195 (which may sound pretty affordable but it's important to note the larger ICE Trailblazer is around $7,000 cheaper).

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