A company employing thousands of people in central Ohio is asking its workers to pay the company. Honda sent a memo to employees at its Marysville factory, saying it overpaid bonuses and needs that extra money back.

Employees say returning the money will be hard for their families, but an attorney not involved with this case said Honda is properly going about collecting the overpayments.

“Not a lot of people can handle this kind of a hit,” said the wife of a Honda employee, who spoke with NBC4 on the condition that she or her husband not be identified.

We have a SIMPLE solution.

The EXECUTIVES should pay the company back from THEIR pockets.

NO WAY, you should PUNISH the people building your product.

That's BULLSH_T.


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Honda Pays Factory Workers A Bonus, THEN Says It Was A Mistake. And They Want SOME Of The $$$ Back? We Have A SOLUTION. Read On...

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