A LOT has changed in the last 20 plus years of Auto Spies.

But the last three years there has been a hyper shift in the world of cars and brands.

Things aren't the same but the Germans are still making cars and telling the world they still LEAD in engineering and design.

But we've all found out there are some BIG cracks in that armor.

A few years back the question we are asking tonight would be a LAYUP.

But NOT in 2022.

So here we go.

Tell us what is the BEST EVERY DAY GERMAN car in 2022.

NOT a 911 GT3 Touring or something like that. An EVERYDAY ride.

Something UNDER $75k NEW that is IN dealerships now.

So give us your BEST shot Spies...What's YOUR call?

Gas? EV? Plug-in? Diesel? Which model or models?

YOU Make The CALL! What Is The BEST EVERYDAY German Car In 2022?

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