Electric vehicles are becoming more advanced by the day and more capable too. While some set new range records, others prove that EVs are just as capable as ICE vehicles when going off-road. In fact, the EV trucks have been impressing with their ability to tackle water, as we've seen with the Rivian R1T truck, and the Ford F-150 Lightning isn't afraid of a bit of water itself. But there's one vehicle that has proven to be rather aquaphobic: the GMC Hummer EV.

Last month we reported that the Hummer EV was suffering from numerous water-related issues where moisture could get into the electrical system (not the battery system) and wreak havoc, and now it turns out that there's one more weak spot in the car's design, with the removable roof panels not sealing the way they should.

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GM's $100,000 Hummer EVs Are Leaking Water From The Removeable Roof Panels

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