According to Die Presse, the unidentified man sued Tesla Motors Austria GmbH for three problems with his car – a Model S 90D bought in March 2017. One of them was not granted by the Graz Regional Court, and Die Presse apparently did not mention what it was. Neither did Teslamag, which also published the story.

Regarding the other two complaints filed under the 39 Cg 28/20 x - 79 number at the Austrian court, the main one was that the battery pack actually offers 84 kWh and not 90 kWh, as the name implies. We have no idea how the judges evaluated this, but it gives us the impression that they would also consider Autopilot and Full Self-Driving false advertising. For that discrepancy, Tesla was ordered to pay €2,000 ($1,951 at the current exchange rate).

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Austrian Tesla Owner Refuses Hush Money And Comes Clean On His Model S Issues

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