Swiss Army knife is what Citroen calls its new Oli concept car. It's a pure-electric SUV with a pick-up load bed at the back and split-opening doors, with a focus on sustainability. It employs the ethos of the Ami quadricycle in a larger form factor, and previews design and engineering themes that will filter down to mainstream Citroen models in the future.


Citroen’s radical Oli concept crossover aims to break the mould of heavy, expensive electric cars, but the French firm claims that the Oli isn’t a direct precursor to a production model. However, it has provided a series of specific technical details for the show car and even an estimated price tag of €25,000 (roughly £22,017). The focus on weight-loss means the Oli is projected to weigh just 1,000kg, thanks to the use of lightweight recycled materials, simplified tech and a relatively small 40kWh battery.

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$22,000 Citroen Oli Electric Concept Uses Honeycomb Cardboard Construction

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